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What if things had ended…differently? FED by Mira Grant

BLACKOUT (US | UK | AUS) released yesterday and I’m sure by now many of have heard the news that the film rights of FEED (US | UK | AUS) have been optioned. So what else can go right for the hordes of Newsflesh fans shambling towards their local bookstores? Check out FED by Mira Grant — an alternate ending to FEED.

Be advised there are major spoilers for FEED contained therein.  If you haven’t read FEED yet, don’t go any further.  These books are fantastic as the many Newsflesh fans will tell you. You’ll want to enjoy every surprising twist and turn on what has been one wild ride for the Mason siblings.

But if the crew of After the End Times are old friends of yours, then by all means continue and read FED beneath the cut or download a pdf.


BLACKOUT releases tomorrow

The world is preparing for Mira Grant’s BLACKOUT (US | UK | AUS), the final installment of the Newsflesh Trilogy that began with FEED (US | UK | AUS) and continues with the Hugo-shortlisted DEADLINE. (US | UK | AUS). We have seen signs and portents:

For those who can’t wait, has the first chapter.

For the adventurous reader, there’s a way to unlock chapter two.

And read an alternate ending to Feed on Facebook. Not on Facebook? Don’t worry.  Fed will be available to everyone this Wednesday.

BLACKOUT is right around the corner. This “high-energy tale of life and politics among the dead and not-so-dead” (Publishers Weekly) will be available beginning May 22, 2012.

Rise up while you can.


I wonder if Charles Darwin was a zombie fan.

Darwin’s On the Origin of Species was published in 1859, and you’re probably aware of the resulting, yet-to-be-settled battle between Evolutionists and Creationists. But there’s also another great Darwinian debate, affecting not just zoologists but zombologists, too:

What actually is a species?

In science, this is known as the ‘species problem,’ and it arises when bickering biologists attempt to classify two nearly identical species of animal. Take the Baltimore Oriole, for example, that beloved black-and-orange bird of baseball mascot fame. The truth is, it’s really the Northern Oriole. Or wait — no, it isn’t. Fifty years ago it was the Northern Oriole, but after lots of nasty debate and name-calling, scientists finally decided that there’s no such thing as the Northern Oriole. They split the species into two: the Baltimore Oriole and the Bullock’s Oriole.

So, you ask, what does all this have to do with zombies?

I don’t know if you’ve ever braved a visit into an online zombie fan forum. (If not, what are you waiting for?) In those discussion boards, you might notice that while biologists haggle over birds, many zombie fans are divided over what constitutes a ‘real’ zombie. Is the zombie slow or fast? Alive or dead? Mute or able to talk your ear off, right before it bites your ear off?

Or… can a zombie can be all those things?

As a fan myself, I’ve resisted that last hypothesis for years now. Oh, how I’ve resisted. But perhaps the time has come; at last I should channel my inner Darwin and admit to zombie evolution. My favorite monster, once classified solely as Zombi Zombus, has gone the way of the Northern Oriole, split apart into separate unique species.

Presenting the new taxonomy of the living dead: (more…)

Henry Marco can help you with that zombie problem

The situation is grim following the outbreak, and the United States has been split in two. Grieving families must not only deal the loss of their loved ones, but also the knowledge that those bodies may not be resting peacefully. Henry Macro is a man that brings peace…for a price.

It’s not easy to breathe life into undead, but in April we’re releasing a book in the US that does just that. Check out this new video for THE RETURN MAN, and take your first steps into the Evacuated States. (Just be sure to bring your shotgun!)

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“Hands down one of the best zombie novels I’ve read in a long, long time. From first page to last, THE RETURN MAN is an astonishing read. With characters you genuinely give a damn about and a story that’ll keep you turning page after page, this is an outstanding debut.” — David Moody, author of Autumn

“Thrilling, melancholy, and stomach-churningly gory… This is a sturdy and crowd-pleasing novel that squarely hits its target.” — Publishers Weekly

“A hair-raising quest … Zito expertly piles on thrills, cliffhangers and numerous twists …”  — The Guardian (UK)

THE RETURN MAN will be available in stores April 1, 2012.