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TOWER LORD by Anthony Ryan

TOWER LORD Anthony Ryan

Following on from 2013′s bestselling epic fantasy debut is the second novel in the Raven’s Shadow series – a powerful epic fantasy from an exciting new British talent.
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VALORJohn Gwynne

War has erupted in the Banished Lands as the race for power intensifies. Sides are chosen and oaths will be fulfilled or broken in a land where hell has broken loose.
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An Extract from Matter

Iain M. Banks
Iain M. Banks
Photo (c) John Foley / Opale

It’s only a …er… matter of weeks before Matter arrives in bookstores. The first Culture novel since Look to Windward, Matter is one of the most anticipated science fiction novels coming out this year. We’re thrilled to be publishing it, and thrilled to offer a first look at the stunning prologue.

Click here to read the prologue of Matter, out this February from Orbit in the UK and the US.

  1. Alastair

    January 15, 2008
    at 11:13 pm


    I’m counting down the days…

    What I really want to know are the details of any signing/readings the great man will/may be undertaking to coincide with the publishing of the book.

  2. DaveH

    January 16, 2008
    at 7:51 pm


    Yes, looking forward to getting the details of the signing tour.

  3. Duncan Boxshall

    January 24, 2008
    at 2:52 pm


    Cant wait for the new Culture novel…read the prologue and it looked like great fun, bring it on Mr. Banks.
    When will he ever come down to Cape Town South Africa? wishful thinking I’m sure….come on you can even stay at my flat dude, my babe wont mind :D

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