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Houston Hi-jinx!

Tweet-log of  Gabriella Gossip, Houston’s top social columnist-on-the-move. She snarks directly at the source, so you don’t have to! Last Saturday, we sent Gabriella to check out some of the hottest writers in the hottest new genre around . . . Urban Fantasy! It’s . . . um . . . urban! And fantasy!

[@gabgoss Sat 24 April 4:45 via TweetGasm] I’ve been sent to Murder By The Book to attend @GailCarriger, @JayeWells, and @NicolePeeler’s signing. No real celebs in town, obviously.

[@gabgoss Sat 24 April 4:50 via TweetGasm] Yawn. Do people even read books anymore?

[@gabgoss Sat 24 April 4:58 via TweetGasm] I want a drink. Oh wait, the shindig is finally beginning. Thank the lawd.

[@gabgoss Sat 24 April 5:01 via TweetGasm] Wells and Carriger look nice, but I’m not feeling Peeler’s bouffant. Is she channeling Wilma Flintstone?

[@gabgoss Sat 24 April 5:04 via TweetGasm] Thank God, they’re not reading. But they are answering questions. #blahblahwritingblahblahireallyneedadrinkblahblahwritingblah

[@gabgoss Sat 24 April 5:17 via TweetGasm] Seriously, will this thing never end? #stilltalking #redheadhasterribleaccent

[@gabgoss Sat 24 April 5:24 via TweetGasm] *snores*

[@gabgoss Sat 24 April 5:32 via TweetGasm] Finally, they’re signing. I heard Chelsea Handler’s in Dallas. Why didn’t they send me to her? #ohrightwrongcity

[@gabgoss Sat 24 April 5:42 via TweetGasm] Wait, Carriger is giving the other two some sort of etiquette lesson. Wells already looks like she’ll #cutabitch

[@gabgoss Sat 24 April 5:45 via TweetGasm] Carriger trying to teach them how to drink tea. Wells launching saucers; “professor(?)” Peeler knitting w/only one needle.

[@gabgoss Sat 24 April 5:47 via TweetGasm] Carriger now trying to work with them and napkins. #shenanigans

[@gabgoss Sat 24 April 5:50 via TweetGasm] Peeler and Wells pull out flask. Carriger either confiscating Peeler’s or self medicating. Maybe she’ll give me a swig?

[@gabgoss Sat 24 April 5:52 via TweetGasm] Peeler just screamed, “I am Queen of the Tuffet!” Wells and Carriger trying to talk her down. I am so out of here.

[@gabgoss Sat 24 April 5:54 via TweetGasm] I never want to attend another signing. Writers are crazy. And I know there’s a bar around here somewhere…

That’s it from Gabriella Gossip, your reporter on the go! Tweeting you the latest in social gossip . . . next week, she’ll be interviewing the Guinness Book of World Record’s Largest Aardvark! We know she’s excited–and so are you!

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Nicole Peeler

  1. Mario

    April 27, 2010
    at 3:34 pm

    I knew Jaye would start drinking.

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